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Finding the perfect card for a loved one a hookup, frenemy, bestie, or parental can eat up valuable time that could be spent thinking about yourself. And are there really any good options out there? Papyrus will bedazzle a giraffe and charge you $30.00 and the only time someone is happy to get a Hallmark card is when it’s in the mail with a check from grandma. That’s why we have created the PERFECT Betch cards for every occasion. We’ve got you covered if you need to express your love in a non-committal way or age-shame someone who is younger than you and achieving more. (Damn you North and your nude Vogue cover.) Check out the incredible designs below and shop all the cards at your fave store ever, shopbetches.com!


Wake Up In The Afternoon Card

Ideal for the friend who makes dragging yourself out of bed worth it.

I Love You Card


The perfect card that says I wouldn’t go to the ends of the Earth for you, but I’d request an uber for you if you couldn’t walk in heels anymore.  
Because what shows your deep love for someone more than alcohol?

I Want To Grow Cold With You Card

Sharing body heat and bad decisions. With friends like yours, who needs a coat? 

Happy Birthday Card 

This birthday make everyone ask, “Are you drunk or just learning how to talk still?”

Get Well Soon Card

Here’s to your health! Get your life in order so we can destroy it again.

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