Our 3 Favorite Shows Were Pushed Back Because Of The Inauguration, Thanks Trump

There are a few sacred tenants in America: life, liberty, and the pursuit of blacking out during Thursday night prime time television. Nobody understands that better than Shonda Rhimes. That woman can make me cry with one line of dialogue and cause a breakdown with a montage of Derek Shephard footage. How many of our career aspirations were directly related to whatever Shonda show was our current favorite: doctor, lawyer, “fixer”??

Anyway, Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How To Get Away With Murder were all scheduled to make their winter premiers on January 19th aka one day before hell literally freezes over and Donald Trump gets the nuclear codes. If we needed anything to prepare for that event, it was to get overly invested in fictional characters while drinking wine by the bottle in extra-long-stemmed wine glasses.


But instead, ABC pushed the Shondaland comeback to January 26th and is airing a 20/20 special called “America’s First Family: The Trumps Go to Washington.” So we get reruns until 10pm and then watch Melania Trump pretend her vision board isn’t just a gold-plated Washington Monument. We’re not sure what will be included in that feature event, but I’m sure it will include at least five questionable Donald-Ivanka romance moments. Shonda may be a television genius, but even she could not write an episode of Scandal as fucked up as this. 



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