Shia LaBeouf Did Performance Art And Slapped Some Guy In The Face

As you all know, Shia LaBeouf has done some crazy shit in the last couple of years.

Shia’s back at it again with the art shit. ​This time, his #Elevate project involved Shia riding an Oxford University elevator for 24 hours talking to randos. Of course, the event was streamed live across the internet, because how else is art shared anymore?

​Why you would watch the live stream, I don’t know. You could really only see snippets of moments, because elevators have doors that need to be closed in order for them to move—why nobody thought to put the cameras inside the elevators, we’ll never know. ​You could hear everything going on, though, which counts for something. I guess.

Many fans boarded the elevator to snap a selfie or ask a personal question, but one fan had the pleasure of getting smacked. A fellow artist joined Shia on one of his trips in the elevator, asking him to help complete his own personal performance art piece (which I’m pretty sure is just a code for “sexual fantasy”), which required Shia to punch him in the face.

Shia didn’t feel comfortable at first, saying how he didn’t feel right because the two had just met. Within seconds, you can hear “the artist” demand that Shia not be a pussy and then, if you listen really closely, a swift slap (I’m assuming across the face).

You can hear the awkward exchange and artful slap below.

And that’s that. I’d like to request his next performance art piece be a collab with the Damn Daniel kids.  


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