A Comprehensive Timeline of All The Stupid Shit Shia LaBeouf Has Done

If you have trouble keeping up with all of the random shit that Shia LaBeouf makes it in the news for, you’re not alone. That’s why we decided to organize all his dumb choices in a handy timeline. He’s probably done countless stupid things, but these are the highlights.

February 2005: Appeared at a neighbor’s door waving a kitchen knife

November 2007: Got arrested for refusing to leave a Walgreens at 2am

May 2008: Ruined the fourth Indiana Jones movie

July 2008: had three surgeries on his hand after a drunk-driving accident

2009: Got Megan Fox to cheat on her husband with him

February 2011: Got in a bar fight

April 2012: Wrote a couple of graphic novels that turned out to be plagiarized

2013: Actually had sex on camera for the movie Nymphomaniac

February 2014: Wore a paper bag with the words “I am not famous anymore” over his head at the Berlin Film Festival

February 2014: Did a performance art piece called #IAMSORRY where he says a woman stripped his clothes off and raped him

May 2014: Jumped rope for an hour via Skype livestream

June 2014: Got escorted out of Cabaret on Broadway for yelling during the performance

January 2015: Stars in a creepy Sia video with the girl from Dance Moms

April 2015: Shows up to the Tribeca Film Festival with a hairstyle that looks like the hat worn by Davy Crockett

November 2015: Shares a video of himself watching all his movies

February 2016: Performance art piece in an elevator, punches a fan in the face

Never change, Shia. Never change.


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