Shaq Recovers from Loss to Aaron Carter, Plays Basketball With Some Kids in Florida

We can all vividly recall the day that former LA Lakers star Shaquille O’Neal lost a game of basketball to the whitest kid that’s ever lived: Aaron Carter.

It was the year 2000, and AC had just made a splash on MTV with his self-aggrandizing single Aaron’s Party. We knew this kid was overly-confident for being a less hot version of older brother Nick Carter, already on his fourteenth minute of fame at this point, but no one could have ever predicted he would defeat the 7’1” NBA player in a one-on-one match. That was until he wrote a terrible song called How I Beat Shaq, at which point we all knew it must be sadly and shockingly true.

16 years later, Shaq is now ready to take on amateur children at the court again. He was recently the star of a viral video in which he surprised a group of Florida kids for a game of pickup basketball. Whether the lack of warning was an intimidation tactic, we can’t be sure.

After shooting hoops with the group, Shaq began offering $100 to anyone who could make one of two shots. He then gave a speech telling the kids to “Stay out of trouble” and “listen to your parents,” a jab clearly directed at Carter, who was a former emblem of rebellion for suburban ten-year-olds.

Over 16 million people have tuned in to watch the video, despite there being no clear winner of the game. Shaq is back, but with all the scare tactics, bribery and smack talk he’s brought with him, we know he’s still got Carter on the mind. 


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