How To Deal With A Shady Friend

You keep your friend circle like any VIP booth, hard to get into, and nobody wants to leave. This can be so tiring sometimes, since you know so many people.  I mean, you can’t help it that you’re so popular. You’re the type of betch that’s ride or die with your friends, because your time is too important to spend hanging out with anyone less. They’ve seen you through breakups, hangovers, and misdemeanors and they’re there through all the shady bros that come and go.  But once in a while you meet a shady friend and against all better judgment, you keep her around.

The shady friend is worse than the shady bro because she’s a part of your circle. You can’t just cut her out without causing an uprising in your friend group. More often than not, you ignore the small questionable things she does because you’re like not trying to cause drama. But eventually you realize that spending too much time in the shade won’t get you tan, so it’s time to GTFO.

Everyone has met the shady friend. She hangs out with your girl group and everyone seems to like her when she shows up out of nowhere. She’s often a BSCB and WGG in disguise, but you won’t know it right away. Some shady behavior might include her initiating shit talk about your other friends, then telling your other friends what you said in response to her shit talk so it sounds like you were the one being shady. Other classic shady behavior is flirting with the guys that you and your friends are talking to. She casually drops things like, “Oh Patrick told me you guys might go to Thailand, let me know if you need any tips, I went last year” to let you know that she’s been texting your boyfriend Patrick. To be noted that in this case she was not friends with Patrick before you guys started dating.

Most of the time you just feel sorry for people like this, but sometimes they make it into your friend circle because they hide their true colors by seeming like a good friend. They might be the one arranging a surprise birthday for you or visiting your grandma in the hospital with you, which appears to be well-intentioned. It makes you wonder if you were making up the shady behavior to begin with. You’re not. Trust your instincts.

If you find yourself saying, “I don’t trust her around my boyfriend” or “is that even her real last name?” then you should trust your instincts and drop her. Examples of shady friends you might recognize are Brandy from RHBH, Heidi Montag in The Hills, and duh, Blair Waldorf. Never trust a Blair. Unless you’re Serena, in which case, you shouldn’t trust anyone.


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