Shady DJ Of The Week: Diplo

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year, you should be well aware of the “Random White Dude” epidemic that is Diplo. Not only is he fucking hilarious on all platforms of social media, but also shares our favorite pastimes of talking shit, raging, and humble bragging. Diplo covers all the bases of what it means to be a desirable pro: equal parts mean, funny, hot, and rich. Just this past week he managed to create a Kickstarter to get Taylor Swift an ass (LOL), throw a music festival on a fucking cruise ship, and graced the cover of Fast Company.

His other claims to fame include being president of Mad Decent aka the frat of music labels, inventing twerking, and modeling for Alexander Wang. If you weren’t rolling deep with your besties at a Mad Decent Block Party this summer, do you even party betch? We also hear he’s producing a movie for Fox that is supposedly “Superbad at a rave,” which we can’t wait to get high and go see. He is currently rumored to be dating the walking Lip Smackers Katy Perry but expecting a second child with his baby mama, Kathryn Lockhart. Diplo literally does whatever he wants and it’s insanely hot. Dip low for Diplo? We would.



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