Serena Williams Is Engaged (Not To Drake)

Our favorite tennis playing betch, Serena Williams, just joined the holiday engagement announcement club. Congrats to Serena, but if I never see another Facebook engagement post again it will still be too fucking soon.

She’s marrying Alexis Ohanian aka the co-founder of Reddit. That’s not as cool as Miranda Kerr’s engagement to the co-founder of Snapchat, but it’s still decent. Reddit is like the fuckboy child of Wikipedia and Twitter. Teenage boys and computer hackers use it to post content and like or dislike each other’s posts. Alexis created it with his UVA roommate but so far hasn’t been cool enough to get his own movie about it. Now Reddit is the 25th most visited website in the world and Snoop Dogg is a major investor. So Serena might not win another Grand Slam, but her life is still guaranteed to be a grand slam.


K sorry. Moving on.

Serena and Alexis met in 2015 and wore coordinating Halloween costumes this fall, so in college hookup terms it’s pretty serious. The only evidence of this relationship is Alexis’ “supportive” Instagrams for Serena whenever she accomplished something this year (see: Fashion Week and the Lemonade appearance). So best of luck to the happy couple. We can’t wait for the wedding pics—the first time Serena will wear all white and it won’t be tennis whites. 


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