A Note On Septum Piercings

Take the ring out of your nose.

Yes, FKA Twigs snagged Robert Pattinson, debatably something to be proud of, but that doesn’t mean she can pull off the heinous bull nose piercing and it certainly doesn’t mean anyone else can.

Much like Chanel 2-5, apparently the weird little brass boogers have a name, and it’s ‘septum piercing’ but nobody really cares. The bull piercing has probably been around for a while and only recently left the realm of obese Hawaiian fire dancers to enter the mainstream, thanks to hipsters and Rihanna.

Full disclosure: I don’t care what you do with your body. Pull an Ed Sheeran, tattoo a lion on your chest. Stick a needle through your nose, stick a needle through your forearm. IDGAF. But I maintain the right to comment and if you can handle a needle through your face but not the shit for it, some things may need to be re-evaluated.

So here are a few issues with the septum piercing, just aesthetically.

 – You look like a bull.

 – You look like an obese Hawaiian fire dancer trying to channel a wild bull

Also logistically, like what if you need to blow your nose? How unsanitary is that thing after a week? A month? Yeah you can clean it but just, ew. I don’t even want to know. There are so many unanswered questions with answers I do not want to hear.


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