We are Starting to See Selfie Sticks at Weddings, FML

It’s finally happened, the “fanny pack of photography” has shown its ugly face on the runway. Last week in Reem Acra’s bridal show, everyone ignored the dresses and stared at the crazy AF accessories the models were wearing—bedazzled headphones and selfie sticks.

My first thought, wtf are the headphones for? Second thought, I hate that I kind of get the selfie sticks. I’m sure the designer meant this to be a satire on the whole selfie craze and the fact that weddings are both a personal thing and a huge public event. So we can hope that she was trying to do something different in a fun, playful, haute couture way. But my fear is that in the world of Pinterest-themed weddings, this just might become a new thing. Just like how having a specific “wedding hashtag” has become a thing (which I also hate to say, I actually like).

Anyway, basics of the world, please don’t fully ruin weddings.


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