Selena Went To Justin’s Concert, What Does She Mean?

Selena Gomez went to Justin Beiber’s concert in LA, and I just really can’t handle the emotional roller coaster of this relationship anymore. Like, keeping up with these two is more draining than any group chat I’ve been a part of, and that’s a pretty high standard to beat. Earlier this week Justin Instagrammed a pic of him and Selena kissing, so maybe this was payback or maybe it’s not too late now to say sorry.

Selena and Justin have been off-again, on-again more than Marissa and Ryan on The O.C. They were each other’s first loves, and it was a hard break up blah blah blah. But also, they’ve gotten a shit ton of free publicity for their new albums and tours by mentioning the other person in an interview. It’s like the relationship version of the 2013-2016 Miley Cyrus PR stunts.

Later that night, Selena posted a four-second video of her low-key pole dancing to “Down in the DMs.” I have no fucking clue what is going down in Selena’s DMs, but I can guess that Hailey Baldwin is having a pretty shitty week. 


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