Selena Gomez And Niall Horan Were Probably Making Out

Just when we thought there was hope for Selena Gomez and our favorite reformed fuck boy, Justin Beiber, to reunite, reports are saying Selena was making out with Niall Horan (the blond one in One Direction). 

The Biebs has been posting some, um, interesting TBTs on Instagram, basically alluding to the fact that he wants to go back to a time when he was with Selena. And it’s been suggested that Justin’s total banger of a song, “Sorry”, is about Selena. Beibs even serenaded Selena at a Beverly Hills hotel in early November and part of it was caught on camera.

All signs were pretty much pointing to a make-up between the two, but now, people (eyewitnesses from tabloids) are saying Selena and the Irish one from 1D were making out at Channing Tatum’s wife’s birthday party over the weekend.

Reports say the two were kissing, hugging and dancing close to one another. There isn’t any actual evidence of a hook up between them, but they did take an insta photo together, which is probably proof enough. 


Does this mean Justin’s totally single now? Asking for a friend. 


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