Selena Gomez Drinks Ginger Root, So We All Should Drink Ginger Root

Our little pal Selena Gomez went on Carpool Karaoke with James Corden recently, and obviously she flawlessly sang a bunch of her own songs. But what everyone actually seems interested in is the fact that she forced poor old James to drink a “ginger shot” (and no, it wasn’t Fireball with red food coloring).

Apparently we should all be ingesting ginger root in some form or another. A lot of celebs already swear by it—in fact, Padma Lakshmi starts her day with ginger tea to stay skinny.

Selena was telling the truth when she said “It’s killing everything inside—all of the bad things” (hopefully that incudes any of her remaining love for the Biebs?). But for real, ginger is so good for you. According to Everyday Health, it “reduces pain and inflammation” and even inhibits certain bacteria like Salmonella.

I mean hey, I believe in its magical powers. Selena did just sing on a roller coaster!  #TeamSelena


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