Selena Gomez Took To Instagram To Bitch About Her Nonexistent Problems

This Saturday, Selena Gomez performed in Indonesia, because apparently that’s a place people go on tours. At the end of the concert, she gave some speech about how the world sucks, and almost cried before singing “Kill Them With Kindness.” You’ve probably heard the song, so you know that it’s nowhere near emotional enough to cry about.

Selena was clearly in a weird mood, because later that night she posted a note on Instagram about how she needs to change things in her life. She said she felt “unauthentic” and “unconnected,” which we’re not sure are words, and that she needs to “rethink some areas of my life creatively and personally.” She ended the post with a quick “had to get that out,” to make it seem more relatable to her 91 million followers, most of whom are teenagers who literally have no problems.

We still have trouble remembering that Selena Gomez is like, a legit star who’s graduated from Disney Channel, and it sounds like she’s not so sure of who she is either. Tbh it’s kind of hard to take her seriously when you know she could literally buy or do anything she fucking wants, but chooses to complain in a screenshotted note on Instagram.

Speaking of screenshotted notes on Instagram, when did this become a thing, and can we stop it right fucking now? Insta is meant for pictures, not for dumb celebs (*COUGH* Taylor Swift) to “get things off their chest” via a note they typed on their iPhone. Put that shit on Facebook where it belongs, or better yet, don’t post it at all!

Selena, we hope you find the change you need, whether that’s making some better songs or going back to Justin and #HisCalvins.


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