Sean & Catherine Lowe Just Shaded Every Other ‘Bachelor’ Couple

Leave it to people who found love on a reality TV show to low-key insult every other couple who has met literally the same way. Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici pulled a “I’m not like other girls” when they told Entertainment Tonight that they’ve stayed together because they aren’t “the typical Bachelor couple.” To which, we assume, all of Bachelor Nation collectively rolled their eyes.

Um, did you meet on The Bachelor? Then you’re a typical Bachelor couple. That’s it. Case closed.

To them, the “typical Bachelor couple” goes to a lot of Bachelor reunions and hangs out with other people who have been on the show. So like, Ben and Lauren and JoJo and Jordan, I guess. This would have all just been your garden-variety shade until Catherine added, “We get along so well with the other couples that are successful—so Bachelorette couples that have made it.” So… on the one hand you don’t hang out with other couples from the Bachelor franchise, but on the other hand you just admitted that you do hang out with them? I’ve reread her quote like, six times and I still have yet to make any sense of it. Can somebody help me out here? Because she seems to be rivaling Sean Spicer levels of contradiction here.

Winona Ryder Confused

Also, is this some low-key shade against all the Bachelor couples? Like, couples who meet on The Bachelorette are totally fine and normal but the ones who meet on The Bachelor aren’t? Honestly, given that our last Bachelor seems to have purposely picked the girl he hated the most, she’s not exactly wrong that putting average dudes (except Ben, we love you) with 30 hot women isn’t a recipe for marital success. BUT STILL. You guys didn’t even meet on The Bachelorette! You met on The fucking Bachelor! My incomprehension is at an all-time high. This is like every girl you know who says she’s “not like other girls” while she sips her Unicorn Frappuccino and buys tickets to Coachella and types “If you can’t handle me at my worst, you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best” into her Tinder bio.

I literally can’t with these people right now. Don’t they know you should never bite the hand that feeds you, especially when that hand is attached to Chris Harrison? This show is 1) how you met and 2) what paid for your goddamned insane TV wedding. I don’t think you should be mouthing off about how you don’t make your life all about the show; you live the life you have because of this freaking show. Don’t act like it isn’t important now. Also, I’m sorry, but in terms of Bachelor couples who are relevant and whom people actually GAF about, y’all are not high on the list. Honestly at first when I read the headline I thought the author got Kaitlyn’s name wrong. Like, get off your high horse, Sean and Catherine—you guys are literally so 2013. 


I guess we should expect this kind of self-righteous bullshit from a guy who stopped having sex after college and then claimed to be “the virgin Bachelor”. C’mon, how hard is it just to be cool and say your relationship works because you have great communication and really love each other? I think I speak for all of us when I say: bye. 


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