Scream Queens Season 2 Sounds Psychotic

Good evening, idiots. At Saturday’s Paleyfest (some panel where people get together to talk about TV), Ryan Murphy discussed details on the one thing we’ve all been waiting for. No, not how bat shit insane John Travolta is in real life. Scream Queens season 2.

ICYMI,  Scream Queens ended with all the Chanels in an insane asylum. Turns out this next season will take place at that creepy mental hospital (apparently Murphy really likes asylums??), and that yes, every single idiot hooker will be back. Except for Grace and her stupid fucking hats. Better yet, Dean Munsch will be in charge of the hospital, Zendaya will be some sort of doctor, and Denise will once again be “investigating” the whole shit show.

Sounds like I might even miss “Waterfalls” to see all this go down. Especially if season 2 has as many T. Swift jabs as Season 1 did. Don’t let me down, Murphy. 


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