‘Scream Queens’ Tries To Explain Ghosting Because It’s The Greatest Show Of Our Time

Season one of FOX’s campy murder mystery, Scream Queens, concluded months ago, but doesn’t it feel like years? Anyway listen up, idiot hookers, because there’s a new clip that’s resurfaced from its upcoming second season, and it’s magnificent.

The clip opens with the Chanels at Dean Munsch’s hospital and naturally, she’s being a bit of a psychopath/Debbie Downer. She begins to tell the Chanels that they must follow the hospital “rules” (lol ok sure). But, amongst that useless chatter, something interesting comes up instead. The idea of “ghosting” and how no one can agree on its correct definition.

Dean Munsch seems to think that ghosting means “standing there silently.”

Chanel #3 thinks ghosting is when you leave a party without saying bye.

Chanel #5 thinks it’s when a bro all of the sudden ignores you because he “finally saw what you looked like and so you just text him and you’re like ‘hey sexy where’d you go’ and he just doesn’t answer” and even though she’s right, it’s good to see #5 is still a nutbag.

just a second nutbag

Chanel thinks it has something to do with pooping on a piece of paper which is so beyond unclear, but at the same time hilarious. Chanel, omglol you’re so random!

So Chanel #5 has the correct definition, but I’m mostly on board with Chanel #3’s version of ghosting because leaving a party without saying goodbye is pretty much the rudest thing you can do, and therefore the most amazing. Watch the full clip below:


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