Scott Disick’s Trip To Israel Was Better Than Birthright

Yo North West, I’mma let you finish, but Scott Disick had the best Jerusalem blessing of all time. Tbt when Kim, Kanye, North, and Khloé went to Jerusalem to be baptized. It was right after their Armenia trip, and the ceremony was performed in an Armenian church.

But this week Lord Disick went to Israel, and it was way better than Birthright. He’s been eating for the Insta in Tel Aviv, posing with menorahs, and hasn’t had to deal with group-cest. Yesterday a rabbi blessed him at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. It was almost a really beautiful spiritual moment, and then he captioned the photo with a Big Sean lyric.


Blessings on blessing on blessings on blessings

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This man could not be more of a JAB unless he did a product placement deal with Diet Coke.

Never change, LD. 


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