Scott Disick and Chris Brown Went To a Strip Club on a Monday

Scott Disick and Chris Brown hung out  over the long weekend marking what is sure to be the douchiest conceivable friendship known to man.

The pair went to LA hotspot The Nice Guy for dinner, then a bar, then a strip club. They met up with Tyga, because obviously, and Khloé’s rumored boyfriend James Harden was also there. This was on a Monday.

Apparently the two have been friends for a while. Scott appeared in Chris’ completely ignored video for “Picture Me Rollin’” in December.

The video starts with a girl breaking up with Chris for hitting someone (hmm) and Scott calling Chris in his weird high pitched voice while yelling at some girls on cars. “It’s understandable on the fuckin’ Porshe but off the Lambo, bitch. Goddamn!” Then Scott wants Chris to come over and says “I really can’t fuck all these bitches without you,” like he’s asking him to help him save some baby animals.

At the end A$AP comes in and he, Chris, and Scott get in a fight with an old guy with a face tattoo who kills the party. The three idiots totally have each other’s backs and in a shocking turn of events Scott acts like a racist. 


And just like that, Scott found another way to nothing and make money/remain relevant-ish with the help of someone who kind of has a career. 


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