Scott Disick Reenacts American Psycho And It’s The Best Thing Ever: Video

As a promotion for Kanye's new album Yeezus the Lord himself reenacts the scene from American Psycho when Bale kills Leto and it's fucking amazing. Not only does Scott sound like he's going through puberty but also — no that's actually it, and it's enough to make this video epic. Okay so maybe this vid actually sucks and I just love it because it combines two of of my loves, Psycho and Disick, but it's definitely worth a watch. We can't embed it because Kanye is being a total dick so you can watch it here. I just wish Scott would have screamed, “TRY GETTING A RESERVATION AT RYU NOW YOU MOTHER FUCKER” instead. Get it?! Because you can't. Because it failed. Miserably. 

Here are some highlights:


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