Scott Disick Poses Naked With 18 Year Old He Claims is NOT His Girlfriend

Betches love Scott Disick. He literally embodies everything we stand for.

Even when he got caught up in the nasty trap of the Kardashian Kult, we still loved him. We still love him even though he cheated on Kourtney. That is not a testament of our respect to Kourtney, but just a general commentary on the male gender for callously breaking relationships and families with an overactive penis. But I digress.

And now, Lord Disick has handed out the ultimate fuck you to Kris K. and her Krew members. The Lord was snapped posing naked in a fur coat with an 18-year-old model named Lindsay Vrckovnik, and the picture is of course blowing up. She claims they are not dating, just “friends” who met at a club and took naked, furry pictures together at 6:30 AM. Right.

And after meeting in New York, they casually flew to Miami to keep the party going.

The best part? She's tall, has zero curves, and blonde. It's the opposite end of the spectrum from Kourtney and her sisters. Kourtney called Scott “insecure.” I mean, true. 


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