Science Says Obsessively Checking Your Phone For Notifications Is Totally Normal

Researchers from the University of Florida released a new study, and apparently, your phone's vibrations or ringtone is just as distracting as actually checking your notifications. Sorry, but a betch can't help that she's so popular.

The whole point was to try and figure out if it's actually phones or the anticipation of being contacted was the most distracting. Obvi, it was the second option. They used college students and had some put their phones on silent while others put them on vibrate and the rest turned the ringer on. People's whose phones were silent were more focussed than kids who could hear when they got notifications but didn't answer them since the study eliminated those participants that actually answered their phones. Probs because they were worried about missing out on a pregame invite.

If your morning routine doesn't include checking Insta, Twitter, Facebook, and SnapChat, then you're doing something wrong.  So don't listen to anyone who tells you to stop checking your phone, because it's just the new human nature.


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