Science Says You’re Dumber In the Winter

February is the Chris Brown of months. It’s cold as shit, Spring Break is far away, and Valentine’s Day fucks with your diet, liver, and emotions. Mardi Gras is the only reason you shouldn’t hibernate for the entire month.

Well the National Academy of Sciences agrees that winter wants to fuck us all over. They designed a study to test healthy college students’ brain activity during each season.  Turns out that depending on the time of year, the subjects’ brain activity changed. Bitch you guessed it – “brain activity while performing sustained-attention tasks peaked during the summer and dipped during the winter.”

Basically, you’re smarter during the summer and dumber during the winter. Now you can explain to your parents why your grades sucked from December-March; science says it totally normal. This probably also explains why you make shitty decisions about your winter hookups – your brain isn’t functioning right.

If science says that I’m smartest during the summer, why can’t 20 year olds be snow birds? If my grandmother can spend summers on the Cape and winters in Palm Beach, why can’t I? 


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