There Are Rumors Scheana & Her New Boyfriend Broke Up Already

Self-proclaimed marriage expert Scheana Shay moved on pretty quickly from her marriage to Mike Shay (yeah I know I just remembered his first name is Mike, too), beginning a new relationship with actor Robert Valletta not that long after her divorce was announced. I could do the research to find out the exact length of time, but I don’t want to, so just trust me on this. Anyway, I guess there are rumors that Scheana and Rob have broken up already, because Scheana herself took to Twitter to address the rumors.

Some website called Radar Online posted an article about Rob dumping Scheana yesterday. To be accurate, the article was called “Scheana’s Heartbreak! Marie’s Rebound Rob ‘Wants To Break Up’ After Mexico Trip”. In related news, I’ve just found Perd Hapley’s website.

Anyway so this article, if you can call it that, claims that an “insider” revealed Rob wants to break up with Scheana because “she’s too demanding.” I mean, I could see it. We are talking about the same girl who didn’t want her addict husband to stop drinking because she couldn’t be married to someone who was “boring,” but at the same time, couldn’t tolerate him when he was shit faced.

Much like that time we single-handedly started rumors that Katie and Tom were getting a divorce, Scheana was so bored incensed by this news that she personally addressed the breakup rumors. She tweeted:

Scheana Shay Twitter

So, not surprising, an outlet that publishes articles such as “Princess Diana’s Grave Is Empty! Family Secretly Hiding Coffin Out Of Fear Of Vandals” made up a completely fake story for the clicks. I am just as shocked and appalled as you are. #JusticeForScheana

I would also like to formally move to strike “keep my name out your mouth” and its variations from white people’s vernacular from now until eternity. “Keep my name in your mouth” is not an expression people say, Scheana. And this is why we can’t have nice things.


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