Call Your Mom And Tell Her ‘Scandal’ Is Ending

In the immortal words of Nelly Furtado: Why must all good things come to an end? Probably because the middle-aged women who religiously watch Scandal are developing blood pressure problems. There’s a major rumor going around that, just like every character you ever loved on Grey’s Anatomy, Shonda Rhymes is pulling the plug on Scandal.

If this is true, Scandal will end after its seventh season in May of 2018. Maybe real life American politics are officially too crazy and the writers can’t keep up anymore. So in honor of the show that inspired your winter whites collection, here are the most bat shit crazy plot lines.

1. When Paris Geller lied about having an affair with the President and then got re-cast on How To Get Away With Murder

2. When Mellie revealed Fitz and Oliva’s affair on live television aka Hillary Clinton’s ultimate fantasy

3. When Mellie forged Fitz’s signature and illegally ran the country for a while aka Hillary Clinton’s second ultimate fantasy

4. That time Olivia said “Earn me!” and launched millions of drunk texts

Earn Me

5. When the President killed a Supreme Court Justice, but everyone was fine with it because he built Olivia a house in Vermont. Sidebar: Olivia should have taken that Betsy Ross ring and chilled the fuck out.

6. When Cyrus used an adopted child to manipulate his husband into ending a journalistic investigation into the rigged Presidential election. Tbh has Ivanka Trump looked into a similar strategy?

7. Literally anytime Huck’s terrifying torture history is mentioned, so to distract yourself you checked Instagram and got Thirsty Thursday FOMO

8. When Fitz tried to kill Olivia’s mom and Olivia’s dad killed Fitz’s son, and you promised to never bitch about having dinner with your parents and boyfriend again

9. Everytime Olivia didn’t spill her vat of red wine from her goblet-sized Crate and Barrel wine glass on her white outfit and white couch

Olivia Pope

10. Jake Ballard’s rise from Olivia’s slam-piece to Vice Presidential nominee

So cheers to the show that enabled our Thursday night blackouts for the past six years. Our livers are thrilled it’s finally ending. 


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