Say Goodbye To Victoria’s Secret Swimwear

It has been a rough week.

Doves are crying, Donald Trump is still winning in the race to be the GOP nomination for president, and now this: Victoria’s Secret is shutting down its swimsuit sector.

Buzzfeed reports, as part of Victoria’s Secret’s attempts to downsize and cut some 200 jobs, the company is eliminating the swimsuit side of their business.  They “will be exiting out of all current inventory by the end of this year,” said a source familiar with the situation.

Yes, all seemed quiet on the beach front when the company held swimsuit fashion shows, even airing a “Swim Special” on CBS.

But, I guess, their sales margins were not on point. So now they’re trying to simplify their business model or some crap.

This is really disappointing. I speak for a lot of betches when I say I always looked forward to getting that VS swimsuit catalog in the dead of winter so I could dream about the summer body I would work on later. What are we going to wear on spring break if PINK swimsuits are gone? UGH.

RIP VS Swim. You will be missed.


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