#SaveNelly Because Your Middle School Dances Were Nothing Without Him

If your college years didn’t include at least 5 nights of dancing in frat basements or campus bars to “Hot in Herre,” you wasted your tuition. That is the tbt anthem only rivaled by Britney Spears.

Well Nelly, the poet and artist behind the ballad, owes $150,000 in unpaid taxes to Missouri and $2.4 million to the federal government. Allegedly he’s trying to strike a deal with the IRS so that he doesn’t have to pay the equivalent of his entire career an Upper West Side apartment in back taxes. Like, you’d think the man who created “Country Grammar” would have better business skills.


Then again, considering he spent the greater part of a decade with a Band-Aid on his face for no reason, maybe not.

Somebody still stuck in 2002 figured out that Nelly earns approx $0.007 every time “Hot in Herre” is streamed on Spotify. That means if the song was played approx 340,000,000 times, Nelly would earn enough money to pay off his $2.5 million tax debts. Considering how many pregame playlists “Hot in Herre” is on, this seems like a doable goal.

Must be the money

Now tons of people are listening to “Hot in Herre” on repeat to #SaveNelly, which is honestly the best crowdsourced fundraiser the 21st Century will ever see. The real heroes have the song on repeat and their volume muted while they sleep at night.

So if “Hot in Herre” was the first song you grinded to in middle school, or the song that played the first time you hooked up with that fuckboy in a frat basement, or the song you and your bridesmaids sang at karaoke during your bachelorette party, go make a playlist of just “Hot in Herre” and #SaveNelly. 

hot in herre


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