Betch Of The Week: Saul Goodman

James “Jimmy” McGill is a smooth-talking lawyer from the fictional series Breaking Bad and its spin-off series, Better Call Saul. If we’ve learned anything from Deadpool, it’s that males can be betches, too.

As we learned in the first season of Better Call Saul, Saul Goodman is a name that Jimmy made up during his days as a con artist. He and good friend/partner-in-crime, Marco Pasternak, spent their after-college years scamming people for money, Jimmy doing so under the alias Saul Goodman (because “it s’all good, man”—say it out loud a few times).

And while sassy schemer Jimmy McGill hasn’t come into his full form yet, he’s certainly on the path to righteousness betchiness. Here, we explore the reasons why.

He will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Jimmy’s been through his fair share of BS, from tolerating his unsupportive asshole of a brother to putting up with being a public defender and making very little money. And yet, he isn’t afraid to lie or use bribery to help his achieve his ultimate goal: becoming who he really is. After all, isn’t that what every betch is truly after?

He consistently throws shade, and he does it very well.

Long story short, the Jimmy and his older brother, Chuck, don’t get along. It makes sense, considering Chuck is the sole reason Jimmy remains a public defender instead of becoming partner at Chuck’s law firm, HHM. Regardless, Jimmy’s interactions with his older brother (and the people of HHM) certainly qualify as betchy. 

He’s dramatic.

Drama is the spice of life, and Jimmy McGill is quite the thespian. His unyielding ability to schmooze the general public and convince anyone of almost anything are a betchy sight to behold. 

He’s a self-made man that built himself an empire.

If you’ve seen Breaking Bad, you know what Jimmy becomes. A criminal (literally) lawyer with his own law firm, making mega millions helping the little people of the world. V. Kim Kardashian-esque, no?

He believes in himself.

“Fake it till you make it” should be a mantra ingrained in every betch’s mind. If you can convince yourself that something is true, who’s to say you can’t convince others the same thing? Jimmy McGill is a man who knows who he is deep down, and completely okay with doing whatever it takes (“…within reason…”) to share that person with the world. 


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