Sasha and Malia Obama Out-Betched Themselves This Thanksgiving

So tbt to last Thanksgiving when Sasha and Malia Obama gave zero fucks about watching their dad pardon a Turkey. The media gave them major shit for their RBFs. This year, they decided to shake it off and openly make fun of their dad.

Sasha looked like a fucking JCrew advertisement and wore a middle part better than any member of the Kardashian family. Malia was thinking about playing pong at Brown University and decided to wear leggings, tbh same. Homegirl has senioritis for high school and Obama’s presidency.

So Barry dropped some classic dad jokes: “Time flies even if turkeys don’t” and “TOTUS, Turkey of the United States.” Sasha and Malia side-eyed and burst into laughter, kind of like when you and your bestie silently make fun of a girl in front of her face. Then Barack thanked them for coming to the pardoning, and Malia’s self-congratulatory frown smile is the most relatable thing to happen at the White House since Jenna Bush got arrested for buying vodka with her fake.

So much thanks to the Obama girls for another memorable holiday. Can we get 8 more years of the First Betches of the United States? 


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