Sarah Palin Is Getting Her Own Court TV Show

In a move that seems about right for her shitty career, it was announced this week that Sarah Palin has signed a production deal for her own daytime court TV show. The show probably won’t premier for over a year, but she’s working with the same people that have done Judge Judy and Judge Joe Brown, so you know it’s about as legit as TV courtrooms can get.

The main problem with this whole setup is that Sarah Palin isn’t a judge, or even a lawyer. Rest assured though, she won’t let this fuck up her TV deal. While Sarah won’t be able to make any legally binding judgments, she’ll be presented as a sort of “judge of common sense.” This is obviously a completely made up term, and it’s also highly ironic considering Sarah Palin pretty much has no common sense. We can’t wait to see what cases she chooses, but it’ll probably be like whodunits about neighbors shooting mooses that weren’t theirs.


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