Sarah Jessica Parker’s New Character Is A Total Dud

When we heard SJP was starring in a new HBO series, we all flipped a shit, impatiently awaiting another betchy character that would honor the legacy of Carrie Bradshaw. Turns out we were like, SO OFF. SJP’s new character is nothing like Carrie and tbh we’re pissed about it.

For starters, the show is called Divorce, so you already know this shit is gonna be super sad and serious. Lame. SJP is playing the main character, Frances—a woman looking to use her divorce as a fresh start. If the fact that her character’s name is Frances wasn’t enough of a clue, this is a show all about the obstacles of divorce and not at all about parading around New York City with your besties by your side. An instant letdown. 

SJP even admitted this character would be something totally new and different for her. She said Frances is “so distinct from not only Carrie, but any character I’ve ever played.”

Wow this is boring

Look, it’s not like we were expecting a Sex and the City reunion, (although, we fucking wish), it’s just that we really miss SJP playing an unrealistically betchy character who writes from home and wears Prada pumps to Central Park. Honestly, Frances sounds a little more like a Miranda than a Carrie. I mean, that’s when you know shit’s bad.


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