Sarah Jessica Parker Admits Carrie Bradshaw Was Annoying AF

If you have a girl squad, you’ve 100% had the conversation about who’s who in terms of Sex and the City characters. The lush is Samantha, the prude is Charlotte, the rando that you’re not really sure about but love anyway usually ends up Miranda, and the main betch is the Carrie. Fucking duh. Everyone wants to be the Carrie because she’s the star and she ends up with a closet bigger than my whole apartment. But now, Sarah Jessica Parker herself has come out calling the character “childish” aka annoying af.

Carrie Bradshaw

SJP kept the Carrie hate going saying her outlook on love was kinda ridic because she wanted it to “sparkle” and that’s unrealistic and stupid. Looking back on it, she’s got a point. Sure, Carrie was the one we all related to because the other three are extra nuts. But her metaphors and monologues were wack and she was needy af. No fucking thanks.

Sex and the City

Plus, if we’re being honest, her clothes made her look like an insane person. But who really cares because either way there’s probs gonna be a SATC marathon on E! at some point in the next few days, and my ass is watching.


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