Dustin Lance Black Threw Major Shade At Sam Smith On Twitter

Sunday night Sam Smith won an Oscar, which you obviously already know. During his speech he claimed to be the first openly gay person to win an Oscar which made us all stop and think, “Wow, about time.” But then we thought, “Wait, that can’t be true,” and we were right because it def wasn’t. Not even close.

Not only was it not true, however, but one of the past openly gay winners of an Oscar came out on Twitter with some major shade. That former winner was Dustin Lance Black, who wrote Milk. But apparently Dustin was less annoyed at Sam Smith forgetting he won an Oscar and more annoyed that Sam’s apparently been texting his fiancé, Tom Daley. SHADY AS FUCK.

Woof. Dustin Lance Black, you need to act your age and not ya man’s age. As much as I am enjoying the drama rn, the whole world probably shouldn’t know about your relationship problems. 

Sam responded this morning with his own tweet:

But no response about whether or not he’s texting Tom “He’ll never love you like I can” messages in the middle of the night. The plot thickens. I’d definitely watch this drama unfurl on Bravo if it was a show. Just saying.


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