Sam Smith: Betch of the Week

Sam Smith is the betch of the week, and it’s about time. We love him for so many different reasons. First, he casually nabbed 6 Grammy nominations for his debut album and sings depressing, amazing songs like a male Adele. Sam is also very trendy and kind of pulls off that awful, bottom shave top mullet thing that people keep doing, as much as anyone can pull it off.

Sam Smith is the artist we never knew we needed. He's amazing because he turns our most pathetic moments into these dark, brooding anthems. We’re not bat shit crazy we’re hurting and we’re deep. Apparently Sam knows that. A gospel chorus is exactly the backtrack my life needs and I appreciate that he can bring one to the table.

If you haven’t seen the “Not the Only One” video, please do so ASAP. It makes me wish someone would cheat on me because it looks so iconic and chic. Yeah I’ll sip wine by the pool and burn your clothes while you're fucking someone in a bar at 9am if I look like Dianna Argon in that video.

The best part about him is that he came out of nowhere. Last year he was completely unheard of. He rose to stardom in a hot second, which it betchy.

We hope Sam continues to make music and attend Taylor Swift’s birthday parties because we’re enjoying his presence and his melancholy-ness. Turning your boredom and ‘lonely hour’ into a million records sold and a hot new video-extra boyfriend is a pretty sick way to spend your year and we applaud you.


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