Salma Hayek Is Like, A Really Good Role Model

Chances are, you don’t know much about Salma Hayek other than that she has big boobs, and she’s not Penelope Cruz. Well it turns out that she’s like an amazing role model for young women, and she recently had some important words for her 8-year-old daughter Valentina: “The most important thing to say to the girls is to not try to be like the other girls.” Okay, so Salma might not be the most eloquent speaker ever, but we’ll cut her a break because English isn’t her first language.

She was speaking at Variety’s Power of Women luncheon in Beverly Hills, where she was honored for her charity work with Chime for Change, which works to raise awareness of women’s issues around the world. She took a minute to brag about her work saying that the organization had helped 400,000 women in the last few years. Sounds great Salma, keep being awesome.


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