The Official Worst Dressed At The SAG Awards

Apparently some of the attendees of the 2016 Screen Actors Guild dressed themselves with their eyes closed. Let’s get right into it because last night’s red carpet really wasn’t cute.

January Jones

Every betch including January Jones knows this look; it’s the, “I’m wrapping the sheets around me to go pee so he doesn’t see me butt ass naked” look. Yikes. 


Julianne Moore

This pains me to say because normally Julianne Moore looks like a million bucks on a red carpet, but what the hell is going on with this dress. We like that she took a risk, but she just ended up looking like a green lamé Fiona from Shrek.

Sola Bamis

Staying on trend with animated characters, Sola Bamis wore a dress with a bow inspired by Hey Arnold’s signature haircut. Eek, not cute.

Carol Burnett

What are those?!?! Comedian and actress Carol Burnett is the ultimate IDGAF betch sporting these comfy af Ugg slippers on the red carpet. Because we all know comfort has always come first on the red carpet! Don’t apologize, boo, you look fab.

WTF. I’m not even going to talk about these two Juggalo-ass outfits.

Phyllis Logan

Betches, I literally wore this dress to senior prom. I’m staring at it in the back of my closet right now. I don’t know who should be more upset in this betch stole my look faceoff tbh. Downtown Abbey’s Phyllis Logan is 60 years old and fucking looks hotter than me! You guys! Fuck!

I really don’t know what the hell was happening at the SAG awards. This is a damn travesty we all need to just forget about.


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