Yale Frat Guys In Deep Shit For Saying Their Party Was “Only Looking For White Girls”

Sick of frat scandals? Well here’s another one, and a pretty generally offensive one, too. Yay.

So over at Yale, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, some dumb ass told a group of students, “No, we’re only looking for white girls,” when they tried to get into a party this past weekend. And you know what, that line made it into Vanity Fair.

When I was reading this over my morning cup of matcha, all I could think was, who even goes to frat parties anymore? Students who had to suffer at the hands of this fucking loser, please know that frat parties are so freshman year.

As ridiculous as it is that these types fuck boys are making it into Vanity Fair, the crazy thing is that scandal is not new for SAE. Earlier this year there was an alcohol-related issue that made the news at SAE Stanford and a year ago at UConn for the nearly the same thing. And oh yeah, a pledge died at Cornell in 2011 during their hazing ritual! Take it from me, a perfect, chic, beautiful 23-year-old, Netflix and chill sounds a lot more fun than a night out at SAE.   

UPDATE: SAE’s Website Response:


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