Who TF Is This Sad Papaw Guy?

The internet loves old people and kids. So it kind of makes sense that the “Sad Papaw” meme is blowing up right now.

Kelsey Harmon is a college student who was home for Spring Break when her grandpa or “Papaw” invited her and her five cousins for burgers at his house. Kelsey was the only one who showed up.

She snapped a picture of her papaw looking super sad, like, not just sad, but like the saddest grandpa to ever live and be abandoned by the grandchildren he loves so much.

Her tweet is climbing toward 200,000 retweets, probably because nothing gets the people going like sad elder-folk.

Kelsey’s cousins have even received some death threats from internet randos for not going to their papaw’s for dinner. That’s pretty extreme, because we’re pretty sure mostly everyone has flaked on their grandparent at some point or another. Not saying it’s right, just saying it happens.

Anyway, “Sad Papaw” has now been made into an internet sensation, sparking thousands and thousands of pretty funny memes and recreations.

And if “Damn Daniel” can get his own app, maybe there’s one in the works for “Sad Papaw” too.

The Oklahoma family is trying to make it up to Pawpaw now, though. They’re hosting a cookout for Papaw this weekend, literally open to anyone on the internet (that can’t go wrong). The money they raise from the $2 burgers and $25 “I had a burger with Papaw” shirts is going straight to the old man. His grandkids say he will get to decide what to do with the money.

Soak up the memes now, it sounds like Papaw might not be so sad for much longer.


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