Ryan Phillippe Is Engaged to a 24 Year Old Law Student

Ryan Phillippe is officially engaged. Who’s the lucky lady who gets to fill in the tiny/massive shoes of Reese Witherspoon? Paulina Slagter….

The 24 year old law student (at Stanford, casual) officially said yes over the holidays and now she gets to be a stepmom to all of Ryan’s three children. Ava, 16 and Deacon, 12 with Reese AND another! Ryan also fathered a daughter named Kai with former girlfriend Alexis Knapp (who was 21 at the time, which I mention because I’m trashy) who is now 4.

The couple vacationed together in Miami after the holidays to celebrate their engagement. 

Paulina and Ryan (who is in his 40’s) have been dating for four years and he’s super into the fact that she “could be a model” but she’s also really smart and cares about civil rights. Here’s a photo of Paulina and Reese watching little league together, because I’m sure you’re curious.


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