Ladies, Ryan Lochte Is On Tinder

As a part of his official training for the Rio Olympics, Ryan Lochte got a Tinder account. If his first message isn’t an innuendo involving his gold medals, he’s just wasting everybody’s time. Like every college freshmen who just downloaded the app, he hasn’t gone on any dates yet. But he is “talking” with some women aka getting sent nudes.

But Ryan doesn’t seem to quite understand the purpose of Tinder. He said, “I’ve been matching up with a bunch of gorgeous woman who are smart, they have professional jobs.” Maybe the Tinder users near whatever pool Ryan lives in are particularly impressive, but this seems pretty off-brand for Tinder. Other than finance analysts and middle aged men who sell insurance, I haven’t found any “professionals” who also happen to be “gorgeous.”

After the Olympics, somebody needs to create a show where Ryan helps randos find love on Tinder. Kind of like The Bachelor, but you only meet the person you swipe right on and Ryan says “Jeah” a lot. 


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