‘Dancing With The Stars’ Was Lit Because People Hate Ryan Lochte

Never has Dancing With The Stars been as exciting as it was Monday night. You probably know the show better as the place where D-list celebs go to die, but it’s gained some popularity with the housewives/old ladies of the world, and has since caused a bit of drama in the pop culture world.

Ryan Lochte haters swarmed the audience (and coincidentally, the ballroom floor) on Monday night’s premier. The main culprit—a little old man in freshly bleached T-shirt—”stormed the stage” Monday night protesting Lochte’s existence and what looks like an attempt at a physical tussle.

physical tussle

For those of you completely out of the know, Ryan Lochte was the guy who claimed he was robbed at gunpoint when in reality he was just blacked out in the streets of Rio like a 21-year-old in Vegas. He’s participating in DWTS this season to give himself a fresh start—ya know, because he didn’t come clean about lying to the media about the Rio incident, instead calling it a huge misunderstanding.

In the footage, it’s clear that the judges, the audience, and Lochte himself were shocked any of this was happening. Judge Carrie Ann Inaba seemed more pissed off that she was being interrupted during her critique, squealing “Excuse ME, back off!” to the protestor, from the safety of her panel seat.

This guy wasn’t acting alone—several female protestors sat in the audience with anti-Lochte shirts shouting abuse at Lochte and his poor pro partner, Cheryl Burke. They were quickly escorted from the building before the show came back from break.

Lochte played the drama hand he was dealt well, sharing that he was scared and saddened by the event. I, on the other hand, am wondering why these protestors were even let into the building. It was evident why they were there, no?

Does this look like a man who showed up to enjoy some fine ballroom dance? Honestly, ABC. Get your shit together. 


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