Everything You Know Is A Lie: Ryan Gosling Never Said “Hey Girl”

Bad news: Your fictional boyfriend’s whole life has been a goddamn lie. Earlier this week we learned Ryan Gosling has never said the phrase “Hey Girl.” At least not intentionally. In fact, he doesn’t even know where it began. So basically, your entire life for the past few years has been a lie. Without this meme, is Ryan Gosling even still attractive? Wait—I just checked. The answer is yes.

A new Buzzfeed sketch featuring Ryan and Russell Crowe showcases his total ignorance about the whole “Hey Girl” thing (along with, thankfully, snippets of Ryan’s face. I think he talks too or something IDK???)

This sketch is part of a series called “Couples Therapy” (ew) and features Ryan and Russell—co-stars in some upcoming movie/possible real life boyfriends—attempting to get along. In the sketch, Russell tries to stop Ryan from selling so much of his “Hey Girl” merch. That’s when we learn that Ryan doesn’t even know what he’s talking about because he has no affiliation with the saying. Does this mean I should return my Feminist Ryan Gosling book?

So in honor of this bullshit, here’s a memorial of some “Hey Girl” memes to emotionally arouse you. RIP.


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