Ryan Gosling Was Almost In ‘Gilmore Girls’ & Would’ve Been A Better Boyfriend Than Dean

As our mothers count down the days until the Gilmore Girls reunion appears on Netflix, the writers and actors have been revealing trivia about the show. Obvi most of it is old news like that Paris was only supposed to be in a couple of episodes, but she became the best character in the whole show so they had to keep her. But the casting director knows where the bodies are buried and revealed that Ryan Gosling auditioned for a role in Gilmore Girls.

Remember, this was the early 2000s aka before The Notebook, almost a decade before Crazy, Stupid, Love, and wayyyyy before he became your pretend boyfriend. He auditioned to play a random football player, who would probably be in love with Rory for some unknown reason. But apparently, his audition was absolute shit. The casting director says he “fell flat,” which is how I would’ve described Dean’s entire character arc tbh. It’s hard to imagine that Ryan Gosling wasn’t up to the challenge of playing a glorified extra, but I’m sure that the Gilmore Girls producers—in their infinite wisdom—had a good reason.

But now someone needs to ask Ryan Gosling if he’s Team Jess or Team Logan. 


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