Russian Human Barbie Girl Claims To Be 100% Natural

What is it with Eastern Europe and the urge to look like dolls? You guys might remember the human Barbie from Ukraine a little while ago, and now there’s one named Angelika Kenova.  She claims to have never had work done, which is suspicious considering her tiny waist and 32E bra size.

But hey, it’s not like having work done is such a terrible thing, if that’s what you’re into.  Her explanation of her natural body is very creepy, however.  She explains that she looks this way because of her parents careful dieting and dressing, saying “I’m not even allowed to buy clothes without my mum there – she likes to choose attire that clings to my figure and emphasize my good features. My mum she likes to choose attire that clings to my figure.”

Um. Someone get this girl some help. It sounds less like her mom wants to support her daughter’s modeling career and more like her mom created a life size doll to make her weird childhood dream come true.

We checked out her Instagram and it’s not so much that she looks like a human Barbie, but the way she’s photographed with Ken doll lookalikes and sitting on pink plastic dreamhouse furniture.  Cool, if that’s an act, but eerie, if that’s your life.

It’s also not so surprising if she really didn’t get any work done (although who cares really), because we know the wonders of makeup and contouring can accomplish. Just look at those Asian talk shows where they have the girls take off their eyelashes and eye makeup to reveal a totally different face. Anyway, I think in order to prove she looks like this naturally, we need to see what her parents look like. Just ask Rachel Dolezal.


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