Definitive Rules For What To Wear To Your Work Holiday Party

Whether or not you’re looking forward to or loathing your office holiday party, you have bigger fish to fry RN – finding something to wear.

You want to look cute, maybe even semi-sexy, but also don’t want to take it over the top. Whatever you do, don’t think too hard and seriously consider these looks for your office holiday party this year.

If you work in a corporate office, the holiday party is probably a time when you can get away with wearing something a little more casual, so take advantage of it. Put the pant/skirt suit away for a day and swap it out with a cute A-line skirt and a festive top. Glitter is totally acceptable and actually kind of fun during the holidays, so make it work.

Note that a festive top does not equal a traditional “ugly sweater.” Stop trying to make them happen. I mean a nice blouse with like, just the right amount of cleave.

Stick to fancy materials like lace and satin, in rich colors like burgundy and navy because those colors are classy AF. If you really want to make the office party your bitch, put on a cocktail dress and actually apply eyeshadow that day.

If you work in a laid back place, you’re probably in leggings or sweatpants on the reg, so make the holiday party an excuse to put something semi-decent on.

A casual dress paired with a sweater should be a good place to start. Maybe a fancy sweater (remember, no obnoxious, ugly-ass sweaters) tucked into a circle skirt. Avoid anything too fancy – people may not recognize you or consider you a Grade-A priss.

As a general rule, AVOID the following:

-TOO much cleavage
-Sheer tops/crop tops (you’re not at the beach)
-Short skirts
-Summer-y colors (again, not at the beach)
-Tight jeans
-Sneakers (EW!)

Basically, just avoid dressing like a Victoria’s Secret runway model and you’re good. Once you’ve decided on an outfit, it’s time to prep your body and your mind on the survival skills you’ll need to get through your office party.


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