Rubirosa: It’s My Party and I’ll Carb If I Want To

Rubirosa Rating: 7.25

Food: 3.75

Atmosphere: 1.5

Service: 2.0

I went to Rubirosa for a friend’s blow out birthday dinner on a Friday night. The menu was prix fixe and everything was brought out to the table. Long story short, this place is carb central so like, stay the fuck away if you’re on a juice cleanse or if the sight of bread and cheese makes you want to blow your brains out. I would come here after I’ve smoked a blunt or maybe the day after a wedding or formal in order to hate-eat all the carbs I’d been banning for so long. Or you know, anytime you really want to splurge.

The cuisine is amazing Italian and this pizza will make you rethink your desire to be thin. Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels except Rubirosa’s vodka pizza and mozzarella sticks. That’s a fucking fact.

The crowd

Literally everyone likes this place so you’ll get a good mix of young, old, trendy, and average people here. It’s tough to get a reservation though, so book in advance.

The Atmosphere

The place was moderately mellow despite being pretty crowded and crammed on a Friday night at 9:30. There was lots of wood and it had a Little Italy feel to it despite the fact that they played a shit ton of The Shins, which is not exactly featured in The Sopranos.

Is there a chance you’ll run into a celebrity? Lindsay Lohan and Matt Dillon ran into each other while getting pizza here so like, yeah.

Instagram friendly? It’s moderately well lit and the atmosphere is fun and casual so you won’t have 30 grown men looking at your angrily as you take pics of your food. 

Shoe situation: It's pretty casual leave your heels at home.

Good for: Group dinners with your besties, dinner with the family, date night if you don't plan on having sex for at least 4 hours after

Neighborhood: Nolita

Price: $$

The service

The service was really good, especially given that our party was like, over 20 people. The wine kept coming out and all the food was placed well and came out in a timely manner. The menu was prix fixe so we didn’t have too many questions about it. A funny anecdote was that the air conditioning vent was leaking above one of the girls at our table. They came over to fix it had this really bootleg way of tending to the issue which we all thought was absurd/hilarious: they duct taped a disposable aluminum baking pan cover to the vent so it wouldn’t leak over a certain spot as a (hopefully) temporary solution. Chic as fuck.

The Food

Is the bread worth the carbs? Meh. The bread looked decent but like, this place is an absolute carb fest so I wouldn’t fill up on bread. 

Mixed Green Salad – Pretty standard as salads go although the large Parmesan cheese pieces were a nice touch.

Rubirosa Salad – Definitely go for this salad instead. It was objectively better than the mixed green salad and had delicious fresh mozzarella in it. 

Mozzarella Sticks – I mean it’s pretty hard to fuck up mozzarella sticks but these were by far the best I ever had. I think it was because the cheese to bread crumb ratio was in the cheese’s favor which is generally as good as it gets when it comes to mozz sticks. I would definitely order these next time.

Spaghetti – The spaghetti was whatevs. It was like standard spaghetti with tomato, basil, and parmigiano, nothing to write home about, or on Betches Love This. 

The Ricotta Ravioli  – It was simple but really spectacular. As delicious as it was, I wish I ate less so I had more room for vodka pizza.

Vodka Pizza – Most delicious thin crust pizza I’ve ever had. I wished I ate less of everything else because this was so good and I was out of room in my stomach by the time it came out. The thought came across my mind of vomming all the food I just ate so I could eat this (that's how good it was) but it was fleeting and we'd never do that… 

Gluten Free Options: Rubirosa has an entire Gluten free menu here. Given the insane amount of delicious cheesy and gluten free options make it a great place to go with your vegetarian/kosher and celiac friends. Leave your lactose intolerant friends at home. Fucking duh.

Restaurant Info


235 Mulberry St.
New York, NY 10012

Phone: (212) 965-0500


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Photo Credit: Serious Eats, Yelp


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