Yes Way Rosé: The Wine That’s Taking Over the World

Long gone are the days when only your grandmother and her Mahjong group drank rosé wine. Now, it’s impossible to find a patio in New York that doesn’t shove rosé down your (very willing) throat. And for good reason: 20% of the United States’ rosé consumption occurs in New York.

More importantly, all Americans are doing their part to aid the rosé craze. 13 percent of all rosé drinking in the world occurs in the United States. But, LOL, we don’t even specialize in rosé production as a country, so we have to import a lot of that shit from France and Italy. In fact, 5 million liters of rosé came specifically from the Provence region of France in 2014, which is up from just 1 million liters in 2010.

Anyway, the growing consumption of “premium dry rosé” is the fastest-growing segment of the American wine market. Since production of rosé is declining in the United States, we’re spending more money each year to import it. The average price per bottle of rosé increased from $15.38 to $16.38 in 2013, and now a good bottle is hovering around the $20 mark. Blame it on the importation, or blame it on the fact that rosé is fucking delicious.

So jump on the rosé train while you can still afford it. #WorthIt





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