These Rosé Gummy Bears Literally Broke The Internet

If you loved our gummies soaked in alcohol article last week but, like, were salty that your fave type of alcohol wasn’t on the list, we think we may have the answer. Yes, there are now Champagne and rosé flavored gummy bears.

No, really. Sugarfina, a New York-based luxury candy boutique (they have those?!) is selling rosé flavored gummy bears for $8.50 for a 3.9 oz. box or $34 for a pound. Why you’d need a pound a gummy bears I don’t know, but I won’t judge. But if we were going to buy a pound of gummies, they’d def be rosé flavored.

These gummy bitches aren’t even infused with your run-of-the-mill rosé. The company uses Whispering Angel Rosé which is apparently a big fav in the Hamptons. Because of that lil detail, there’s already a 3000+ person-long waiting list, the Sugarfina website crashed, and the small amount that the store did have in stock sold out in like, two hours. I’m not saying these bears could be responsible for the end times, but … just read their insta from yesterday to get an idea of this insanity:


You guys, the rosé gummy madness is out. of. control. We now have more than 3000 (update: 3482!) people on the waitlist, so here’s how it’s going to work ▶️ 1️⃣ If you haven’t already, email by 5pm PST today. 2️⃣ You’ll receive an email with instructions on how to sign up to a particular store’s waitlist (you have to pick up in store, online is sold out). 3️⃣ The waitlist is “first come, first serve” so if you really REALLY want them, show up at store opening hours (10am for most stores). You must be on the waitlist to purchase and we expect they’ll sell out quickly. Limit 2 per person. 4️⃣ So sorry, but there are no holds, no shipping, no deliveries. If you can’t show up at opening, we suggest sending someone in your place. 5️⃣ More Rosé bears will be available in late July, and you’ll automatically be on the waitlist for those too. Phew. Thanks everyone for all the excitement, we had NO IDEA it was going to be this crazy!

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Anyway, if you can forget about the rosé bears for a sec, they also sell Champagne infused bears. Side note: Neither contain any actual alcohol BUT we imagine that if you DID want to soak them in rosé, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.


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