Fun Shit To Do To Your Room This November

Hey betches. We all know “winter is coming,” whether we’re in the know with “Game of Thrones” or we’ve looked at a fucking calendar recently. Temperatures are quickly dropping, which means we basically have to cover up the entirety of our bodies and spend a lot more time indoors until next May.The cold winter months might make you feel lazy, or like life isn’t worth living, or maybe just like you never want to leave the house again. Do yourself a favor and spruce up your bedroom so that you actually won’t mind spending time in it.

Organize your clothes

When it’s cold, a betch’s go-to wardrobe involves a sweater. Make sure you’re taking care of those things. Roll, don’t fold, your sweaters and keep them in a drawer or on a shelf. Hanging sweaters can make them lose their shape or form weird peaks at the shoulders, which will make you look like you’re wearing shoulder pads, which is unacceptable unless you’re Gaga.

Decorate your walls with inspirational shit

We’re at that point in the year where it gets dark before dinner time, which is super depressing. Keep your vibes positive, but don’t hang a shitty “live, laugh, love” sign over your desk. Get something cool that actually means something, like anything from the Betches basically.

Hang some festive lighting

I don’t care which holiday you celebrate – string lights are pretty and create a great ambiance in a bedroom. Plus, this is the time of year when it’s actually acceptable to do this, so you won’t look like some try-hard hipster.

Put an extra blanket on your bed

Don’t hike up your heating bill! That money is for vodka sodas. Drink your liquid blanket and put an extra throw on your bed to keep warm during those cold, shitty nights.

Frame a picture of you on the beach looking super tan and fabulous

This will help you avoid winter-bod and inspire you to make good choices throughout the cold season. You’ll thank me later.


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