Romanian Wife Rips Off Husband’s Balls For Refusing To Do Housework

This is not a drill. A Romanian housewife was so pissed at her husband for being a dick, she took matters his dick into her own hands. And ripped off his balls.

Ionel Popa’s wife, the lovely Marinela Benea, was expecting flowers for International Women’s Day. She did not receive any. And then, she was hoping for help with the housework on International Women’s Day. She did not receive any. So what did she do?

RIPPED HIS ACTUAL TESTICLES OFF WITH HER BARE HANDS. While she was stuck at home doing the damn dishes and taking care of the damn house, her husband was off getting drunk. On International Women’s Day, of all days!

Here’s what we assume is a proper translation and explanation of the events: “Ionel had been given a bottle of wine for a day’s work instead of getting paid, and had arrived home drunk. In the morning, I opened the curtains and told him to go out and do some work, or at least to help with the household chores but he shouted that I’m not entitled to give him orders. I told him he was not any kind of man and I grabbed his testicles.”

In an amazing turn of events, the “left testicle was left hanging out of his scrotum after the skin was ripped apart.” Ionel underwent emergency surgery and is reportedly in stable condition.

And whay does Marinela have to say for her actions? “It was not my fault that he pulled away, and that’s when it happened. He was pretty annoyed.”



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